Ahead of Mel B’s Rehab, AGT Co-Stars Supporting Her

Following the divulgence that Mel B is foreseeing entering recuperation after the complete of this time of America’s Got Talent, the performer’s AGT family is doing all that they can to encourage their sidekick and co-star.

Tuesday’s new live scene was the first to air since the news broke, anyway the past Spice Girls star made no reference to her revelation in the midst of the impart. Regardless, after the show, Mel B’s individual judges opened up to ET about her fights.

“She’s an exceptionally solid, magnificent woman whose fought what many individuals fight,” individual judge Howie Mandel disclosed to ET’s Denny Directo after Tuesday’s show.

“I’m simply astonished at how she can show up and be a genuine expert and only a superb individual who is engaging and I’m excited and I feel fortunate that I get the opportunity to sit close to her and that America gets the chance to make the most of her and watch her and hear her out,” Mandel included.

While it was at first uncovered by different sentimentalist daily papers that Mel B was searching for treatment for alcohol and sex fixation, the craftsman shot down those bits of talk in the midst of a gathering with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and unveiled that she’s planning to get help overseeing post-dreadful weight issue related with her father’s passing a year back and her resulting partition from Stephen Belafonte.

Mandel said that he is arranged and willing to help Mel B with “whatever she needs from me.”

“I trust that she would connect and I’ll contact her,” he shared. “She’s a companion and I think we must be there for our companions and individuals we respect. What’s more, she’s positively somebody I appreciate and whatever she needs from me and requirements from me, I’m there for her.”

Heidi Klum had practically identical estimations, telling ET, “I’m her companion and I’ve been her companion for an extremely lengthy timespan and I’m continually going to be there for her and help her with whatever she needs assistance in.”

Concerning Simon Cowell – who has extensively had something of a repulsive relationship with Mel B – the straightforward English TV character said he has “a ton of regard” for her persevering disposition and certifiable expertise.

“Mel’s a trooper… she goes to the show, deserts everything, centers around the challenger. That is a genuine expert,” Cowell told ET. “She’s so proficient, it’s about the competitors with her, so a great deal of regard for her.”

While Mel B didn’t do crush meets after the show, she opened up to Ellen’s guest have Lea Michele, and cleared up the clarification behind her best in class recuperation extend.

“I’ve been getting help since my dad got determined to have tumor nine years prior. My treatment changed a smidgen since I was in an exceptionally serious relationship, which you would all be able to peruse about in my book [Brutally Honest],” Mel B shared. “I do address a ton of those issues. In any case, you know, no, I’m not a dipsomaniac. No, I’m not a sex someone who is addicted.”

For extra on the AGT judge’s fights with PTSD and energetic struggle, watch the video beneath.

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